The Boba Fett Effect – Loving a Meaningless Character

Think of your favorite characters from film, television, novels, video games, comic books, and any other medium you love. Who are they? What do they do? What makes them tick?

Are they dark and complex? Light and cheerful? Do they have in-depth backstories filled with powerful story arcs?

Or when you think of all these factors, do you draw a blank?

You just experienced The Boba Fett Effect – When a character’s aesthetics and notion of depth outweigh true characterization and importance in a story to the point of inspiring a widespread following.

We as people want some instant satisfaction in our characters. We’re visual creatures. These characters fulfill these basic needs to the point of seeming deeper than they really are.

I love Boba Fett just as much as the next Star Wars fan that grew up with George Lucas’ creation, but this is a character that really did nothing to engender the insane amounts of love he has gained. A few minutes on screen, a fantastic look, and a couple lines – in the end, Fett’s appearance and mystery is more powerful than any actual characterization.

But it’s a powerful formula! In the decades since The Most Dangerous Bounty Hunter in The Galaxy first appeared on screen (or television, got to love that Star Wars Christmas Special), there have been dozens of well-loved characters that have next to nothing about them besides their look and general aesthetic. These can be heroes or villains, but most often fall into the category of anti-hero.

So, what makes up The Boba Fett Effect? It’s a combination of a few factors, each of which should be strong enough to overcome any lack of depth and meaning. And if you love any of the characters that I mention, don’t be too offended! I have so much Boba Fett memorabilia, it’s embarrassing
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