Dark Knight Discussion: Batman’s Costumes Through the Ages (Part 2 of 2)

Batman’s costume for battling superstitious and cowardly criminals has come along way since the hero first fatally fought two-bit thugs in Detective Comics #27. While every artist has brought a unique take on the look of the hero, the Batsuit has been an important ever-evolving elements of The Dark Knight since the very beginning. Meant to terrify his enemies and provide him with the tools he needs to fight overwhelming odds, the Batsuit is one of Batman’s most vital elements and something that sets him apart from the rest of DC Comics’ heroes.

As shown in Part 1, the Batsuit first started as a clunky mix of spandex and Da Vinci wings, but soon took on a sleek and familiar shape. After detouring into some strange and multi-colored designs during the 1950s, the costume would continue to be shaped into what is known and loved today. But through yellow ovals and pitch black armor, the Batuit has never stopped changing shape. Even in the past decade, the look of the hero has consistently shifted to suit both story and aesthetics. Here in Part 2, we look at what has happened to the Batsuit in the modern era.

For costumes ranging from Batman’s first appearance to his mid-90s revamp, read Part 1. Visit the Dark Knight Discussion page for more on The Caped Crusader.
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Dark Knight Discussion: Batman’s Costumes Through the Ages (Part 1 of 2)

Batman has been making his mark on comic books, film, and television for 75 years, fighting colorful criminals and pursuing a near-psychotic need for justice in Gotham City. Thanks to iconic stories and an irresistible character, Batman has become famous around the world and is instantly recognizable to billions of people on first glance.

But The Dark Knight has not always looked the same. Much like the tone of Batman’s many stories; Batman himself has adopted many different styles throughout the years. From rugged pulp detective to high tech crime fighter, Batman’s look has transitioned over the years. Due to both artistic choices and plot developments, The Caped Crusader evolves from year to year while still maintaining many costume elements that have stayed essential since almost the very beginning.

While almost every superhero has undergone costume changes, few have made the change an integral part of the character itself. Spider-Man sticks with the red and blue, Superman slightly switches to suit the times, and Iron Man’s armor updates more often than his underwear, but Batman makes an impact with every little alteration. From major changes needed to battle new enemies to color palette swaps to match his mood, Batman’s costumes reflect who the character is at any moment across 75 years.

For a look at when The Dark Knight must take on near-impossible changes, read Batman’s Many Armors. For more in-depth looks at Batman, visit the Dark Knight Discussion section.
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