Batman Day 2016: My Top 7 Articles on Batman

September 17 is the third annual Batman Day, celebrating The Dark Knight and his many adventures in the more than 75 years since his debut in Detective Comics #27. While a fictional character who is known and loved around the world like Batman doesn’t need a dedicated day to be celebrated, it’s always fun to have another chance to show The Caped Crusader some love. And in the course of the more than three years that Crisis on Infinite Thoughts has been running, I’ve created numerous pieces on comic books, films, cartoons, and many pieces of lore surrounding Batman.

My love for Batman was sparked at an early age, with Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series beginning its run on television when I was very young. These early episodes hooked me into the world of Batman when I was still learning to love superheroes and the imprint that the show had on my formative years has informed much of both my love for the character and my broader personal tastes concerning heroes and media in general.

The following five articles are some of the pieces that I am most proud of from over the years. Check them out, learn something new about Batman, and have fun celebrated one of the most enduring and vibrant fictional characters of the modern age. Happy Batman Day!

Alternate Reality Batmen


Batman is an iconic character who absolutely must have certain elements in order to be true to his essence. However, DC Comics has given writers the ability to go nuts with him free of continuity in various Elsewords and alternate reality stories over the decades. Listing each of these and analyzing their unique traits makes for a fascinating exploration of what works and what doesn’t when reinterpreting Batman.

The Batmobile on the Big and Small Screen


The Batmobile is one of the most iconic elements of The Dark Knight and its most vibrant and beloved incarnations have come in television and film. I took a look at these live action and animation Batmobiles over the decades to see just how great (or terrible) these big and small screen Batmobiles truly are. My personal favorites are the ’89 and ’66 Batmobiles.

Greatest Batman Stories: Chill of the Night


I’ve given lots of love to various animated incarnations of The Caped Crusader over the years, with Batman: The Animated Series rightfully receiving the vast majority of it. However, Batman: The Brave and the Bold is often criminally overlooked. Here, I analyzed one of the short lived cartoon series’ greatest episodes – “Chill of the Night.” This is a must watch for any fan of the character and remains one of his best animated stories.

Mask of the Phantasm: Best Batman Movie Ever?


Any devotee of Batman will rank the 1993 animated feature film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm as one of the character’s best movies. I took a look at this mini classic and whether it deserves to be called The Dark Knight’s best movie. While it’s debatable, Mask of the Phantasm still ranks as one of the character’s defining stories, with its tragic, romantic noir mystery getting Batman right in a way that few live action films ever have.

Batman’s Many Armors

batman- armor-collage

Batman may have one of the most instantly recognizable looks in all of comic books, but sometimes the character has to ditch the trademark spandex for something more heavy duty. The armors of Batman are fun, unique, and rarely featured in the character’s countless appearances. Digging through Batman’s history and breaking down each one was a great way to analyze this aspect of the character.

10 Essential Batman Comic Books for New Readers

Essential Batman Reading Collage

Everybody has to start somewhere. For many, comic books are the next step for Batman fans who have loved the character on film or television. But anyone looking to dive into the character must absolutely read the 10 Batman comic books I collected here. From iconic origins to riveting adventures, these comics define the best of Batman and will make any casual fans deeply fall in love with the character and his vibrant, gothic world.

A History of Batman vs Superman Fights


Batman fighting Superman is one of those ongoing nerdy debates held by fans of either character ever since they first teamed up. While typically friends and partners in crime fighting, Batman and Superman have come to blows many times over the years in comics, cartoons, and films. By breaking down each fight and their respective winners, I give you the truth about who would win in a battle between these iconic heroes and what that means for each of them.

What do you love the most about Batman? Let us know in the comments section!


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