Onward and Upward

After more than 200 posts and two years spent regularly publishing reviews, lists, analysis, and more, it’s time for a change. Writing on a regular basis has helped challenge me and grow my skills in more ways than I ever expected when I first set out to write this blog. While writing has always helped me pursue my passions, express my ideas, and find fulfillment in ways that a typical job cannot provide, there are many more pursuits that I have been delaying. There’s no time like the present to pursue new and exciting ideas, so putting it all down in writing right here is my commitment to this new idea.

No, that doesn’t mean I won’t regularly publish here. What it means is that I will be scaling back my writing on this blog for the foreseeable future to once per week instead of twice per week. In its place, I will be working on creating the art that I love rather than only analyzing it. While I won’t lay out any concrete ideas, I will be dedicating the extra time this gives me to new forms of writing. There have been many ideas I have been cultivating in my head for some time now and the only reason I haven’t brought them to life is due to a lack of time and my general nervousness about the entire matter.

Being able to still write here on a consistent basis means that I can still have a fun outlet. But there are many passions that cannot be fulfilled by a blog. While it may not lead to anything major, you never know until you try. Being that I’m not one to half-heartedly begin anything, I need space, time, and energy to make these new projects into the absolute best they can be through consistent hard work. Otherwise, what I create cannot be fulfilling to me or truly make use of what I spend my time on.

Will what I create be published here? Maybe, maybe not. Will it be fan fiction? Definitely not. Will it be any good? Probably not. But that may not end up being true.

Onward to a new and exciting future!


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