Dark Knight Discussion: The Appeal of Batman

batman analysis blogWhat you may not know about me is that I absolutely love Batman. He’s not only my favorite superhero of all time; he’s my favorite fictional character of all time! Plus, I count some of his comics, movies, and TV shows as some of my favorite stories in each of their respective mediums.

Fair warning, as this blog continues, you’re going to be seeing A LOT of Batman entries. I simply can’t stop talking about Bruce Wayne, his adventures, and my thoughts on the entire saga of Batman in all its forms! It’ll be nice to put my ideas into a more concise form, rather than having them spill out of me when someone mentions the Dark Knight Detective in conversation.

Always Coming Back for More

I know I’m not alone in loving Batman. The billion-dollar successes of both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are proof of that. Bat-fans come in a wide variety of types and intensities, and that’s a testament to the character. Hardcore and casual fans alike have many reasons to love him, and everyone has a different iteration that they enjoy the most.

favorite batman storiesTruth be told, not every version of Batman is a winner. From the mildly forgettable (The Batman cartoon in the early 2000s) to the downright TERRIBLE (you know I’m talking about Batman & Robin), Batman stories don’t always work. But that’s due to the people creating the story. As long as the writer/director/producer makes sure that the character sticks to his essential parts, there will be at least SOMETHING that readers/viewers can enjoy.

Because that’s what keeps the fans coming back: Bruce Wayne himself. While his rogues gallery is arguably the best ever in fiction, his supporting cast are dynamite on their own, and Gotham City is both frightening and attractive, it is Batman who is the focus of it all. He is an incredibly strong character, with a personality that is both quick to grasp and also incredibly deep, allowing for stories that are both fun and light and ones that are psychologically and philosophically challenging. And both can be equally great!

Batman stories can vary widely but still be quintessentially Batman. It’s the reason why I love the Adam West-led Batman: The Movie and the underrated TV show Batman: The Brave and the Bold just as much as darker fare like The Dark Knight and Batman: The Long Halloween. Plus, having the character move back and forth through different emotional spectrums helps keep him fresh. Too silly and the character is unbelievable, too serious and he’s hard to completely enjoy for longer installments.

With so many options, people can have their preferred version while also enjoying the tenants of others. Personally, I like Batman himself to stay mostly serious, but go on heightened adventures, such as the 1990s television show Batman: The Animated Series and the Grant Morrison comics saga that is currently wrapping up. They tend to find the right balance of all of the character’s aspects and do not cut out anything that would be seen as unrealistic, an unfortunate byproduct of the focus of Nolan’s movies.

Looking Forward

I plan on writing a lot about Batman. It’ll all be found under the Dark Knight Discussion title. In the coming months, look out for entries on the Best Batman Stories, in all mediums, analysis of Batman himself, and thoughts on the positives and negatives of various Batman interpretations.

I hope you like Batman and reading my various ramblings on the Caped Crusader. My obsessions prevents me from going too long without writing about him!


2 thoughts on “Dark Knight Discussion: The Appeal of Batman

  1. I think Batman is just one of those characters that will never die. Once it branched out of its original comic book form and the public got wind of it, the character became timeless.

    Another incarnation: as I'm sure you know, Zack Snyder is supposed to be heading a Superman/Batman movie for 2015. Might be cool.


  2. Definitely. I think Batman will outlast most other comic book characters, even far into the future when a lot of other superheroes have lost their popularity.

    Hopefully the new on screen Batman will be a new incarnation that's different than the Bale Batman. I like that one, but it's time for a new take on Batman.


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