Why Am I Doing This?

This is a blog about entertainment, geeky stuff, stories, and characters that make me emotionally react in some form. Whether that is positive or negative, if it makes me want to write, it’ll be covered here.

But why am I doing this?

There are millions of blogs online (that’s PROBABLY not an exaggeration), so why should I add to the pile? Well, I like writing. And I like entertainment. Also, I have wordy opinions about movies, shows, books, and comics. Additionally, I hate writing about myself. So rather than blog about my daily life and feelings, I’ve decided to blog about things that are only tangentially related to me!

I write for a living, but my employed writing is for marketing purposes only. After a while, it can feel stifling to only write in a manner that advertises other people and puts parameters on creativity. So I figured that blogging about stories and ideas might give me a better creative outlet and let the on-the-job writing feel more enjoyable.

Hopefully, writing creatively and for a job at the same time will help me to strengthen my writing skills and enjoy both sides to writing more. Also, sometimes spouting off my opinions to my fiancé/co-workers/friends/anyone within earshot isn’t enough. So putting my subjective opinions online for anyone to see can help me stop annoying so many people in my daily life!

As this blog continues, I’ll be writing on many different aspects of entertainment (both new and old), with some recurring columns and some one-off entries about random ideas. I also don’t plan on being too negative in my writing, the world, and especially the Internet, is negative enough as it is. If something REALLY makes me mad, then you’ll hear about it. Otherwise, I hope to take a balanced and fair approach when considering the creative works of others.

I’m not trying to be a critic, I aim to look deeper into the philosophies, emotions, and truths at play in the movies, TV shows, and written works that we love or hate.

Deep, huh? Let’s hope I can live up to those goals


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